CoinManage 2008

Know the value of your coins

CoinManage software program is a tool that is used to assess the value of your coin collection using real time values. It creates labels, charts, reports, and can print or export to a variety of formats, including PDF, Excel and HTML.

With this tool, you will know the standard value of each coin. It also gives you the link and allows you to view the new PCGS CoinFacts or population reports for all your US coins.

CoinManage can accurately value your coins as it includes a comprehensive and complete values database. It includes type specific valuations such as Full-Head Standing Liberty Quarters, Full Bell Line Franklin Half Dollars, etc.

It also allows you to do an eBay item search where you can check the real time selling prices for each coin. CoinManage also allows you to see pictures and images for you to easily identify your coin.